Which Class Should I Take?

As Club Ed adds new classes, I’m frequently asked, “What class should I take?” or “What class should I take next?” so I wanted to provide some answers. These are my recommendations for the new instructor-led classes (self-paced classes are organized by skill level on the Club Ed site):

For Anyone

For anyone interested in the process of dev editing, new or experienced, whatever your skill level, try Naked Editing (starting January 4, 2021). If you’ve never taken a class from me before, this is a low-cost way to get to know me and how I tackle the developmental process.

For Those Who’ve Taken Previous Classes

For people who have taken the Beginning-Intermediate series of developmental editing for fiction classes from me or the Essentials program from Club Ed, you might try:
These three intermediate/advanced classes are scheduled so they can be taken in a series and each is four weeks long.

For the Time-Pressed

If you don’t have a lot of time, you might be interested in the two-week mini class that will cover the principle of show versus tell (starts March 17).

All of these new classes feature new materials and new manuscripts.

For More Experienced Editors

For more experienced editors who have completed full manuscript edits or critiques for clients, the Developmental Editing Practicum has several options for editors who are looking for feedback on their editing.

For Those Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out, begin with the instructor-led Beginning and Intermediate Developmental Editing for fiction classes (starting April 5 and May 10 respectively). If you’re looking for a faster start, try the self-paced Essentials program, which you can begin at any time.

For Building an Editing Business

For business-related classes, check out Kickstart Your Editing Business (starts January 11) and Getting Editorial Work from Book Packagers and Publishers (starts February 8).

For the whole catalog, click here.

Instructor-led classes are held within a specified time period. They feature weekly assignments to practice your skills and individual instructor feedback on your work. All course materials are accessed from the online classroom.

Online discussions allow you and your fellow students to ask the instructor questions and to toss around ideas. These discussions are held asynchronously (read and post as you have availability); you do not need to be anywhere at any particular time in order to participate, although assignments will need to be submitted by the deadlines provided in the course materials.

More from Club Ed

Getting Editorial Work from Book Publishers and Packagers starts February 8, 2021.

The 2021 Club Ed Course Catalog is here! Instructor-led and self-paced classes for all editing levels.

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Plus: The Club Ed Guide to Starting and Running a Profitable Freelance Editing Business is now available!