These questions are meant to help you talk about the books we’re reading in the Naked Editing class.


  1. What qualities does the protagonist (and other characters) possess and are these qualities convincingly portrayed?
  2. What are the sources of conflict?
  3. What techniques does the author use to draw you in to the story (e.g., why do you care about these characters?)
  4. What role do supporting characters play?
  5. How is emotion conveyed? Does author say, “Joe felt sad?” (Feel free to quote a few sentences to illustrate.)
  6. What complications get in the way of character goals?
  7. How does the story end? What is the emotional payoff for the reader?
  8. Are there implausible story events or unbelievable story conflicts?
  9. Does the story maintain good pacing or do some parts feel rushed or drawn-out?
  10. Are there points that felt like a slog? If so, can you identify some reasons why you felt it was hard to keep going?