Developmental Editing For Nonfiction: Self-Paced Class

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Class fee: $59

Developmental Editing for Nonfiction is an eight-lesson, online self-study class for editors interested in working with writers to develop their nonfiction articles and books. Go at your own pace. Use specially designed answer keys to assess your progress.

Typically, DE students have some experience with editing but haven’t done much in the way of developmental editing and want an overview of the knowledge and skills involved.

The eight lessons in this self-paced class cover the basics of developmental editing (what it is and isn’t), the specifics of developmental editing in action, how to edit for the reader and the client, and more.

The first half of the class focuses on short-length pieces. The second half focuses on book-length manuscripts. There is no instructor feedback for this case, though each lesson includes an answer key with a sample edit so that you can track your progress.

Enroll at any time. You will receive a link to use to access the course materials. 

Find the complete class syllabus: 

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The complete eight-lesson Developmental Editing for Nonfiction class – $59
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