New Self-Paced Class! The Evolution of a Novel: A Class for Editors and Writers

Six lessons, $199

This class is meant for anyone interested in the revision process, particularly book development editors who are or will be working with novelists. Writers will also gain insight into the editorial process as well as information on how to decide when editorial guidance is moving you in the wrong direction.

You’ll see what a full developmental edit looks like, including the author’s revision, plus you’ll see what happens when an edit goes wrong—that is, when it pushes the author in the wrong direction.

This class requires a fair amount of time for reading and critical thinking but you can do it at your own pace.

In Lesson 1, you’ll read the early draft of a fiction ms. You’ll consider what you think are the main issues the author should address in her revision.

In Lesson 2, you’ll read the edited version of the ms. This includes the revision letter. You’ll decide what you think about the editor’s efforts.

In Lesson 3, you’ll read the author’s revised version of the ms, plus information regarding why the author was encouraged to revise again.

In Lesson 4, you’ll read the second edit, the one I like to call the “wrong-headed” one.

In Lesson 5, you’ll see the author’s revision, which follows this wrong-headed guidance.

In Lesson 6, you’ll learn about the author’s decision to revise another time, what editorial guidance was ultimately followed and why, and you’ll read the final version of the ms.

After reading each manuscript, you’ll have the chance to review my commentary and conclusions.

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