Mini-class: Show versus Tell

NEW! Starts March 17!

$79 2 weeks (through March 30, note Wednesday start), instructor-led

This limited duration online class is meant for time-pressed new and experienced developmental editors who want to dig deeper into what “show versus tell” means from the editorial perspective.

Writers are often advised to show, not tell. In essence, this means having scenes play out instead of merely reporting them and relaying the experience a character is having rather than stating what the emotion is (“she felt afraid”).

But obviously if a writer shows everything, we’ll never get to the end of the book. And sometimes authors show the wrong things, which is how we get endless pages of Bernie getting dressed for work, or submerge the right things – such as the moment at the end of a romance when the two main characters declare their love for each other.

This class is designed to help you understand how to identify which scenes and experiences need to be shown, including those that don’t appear in the ms at all, as well as how to know when scenes and sections can be deleted without affecting the overall storyline. We’ll also discuss when to leave out key scenes or show them out of order as a way to increase dramatic tension.

Each week includes a new lesson and a new assignment to be submitted for the instructor’s feedback along with online discussions about developmental issues.

Mini-class: Show v Tell