Advanced Developmental Editing for Fiction (June 6 – July 31, 2022)



Advanced Developmental Editing for Fiction is an online class for editors who have who have taken the Beginning + Intermediate DE for Fiction classes or the self-paced DE 1 through 6 classes. It is entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be in any particular place at any particular time) but assignments are due by specific deadlines.

In this class, students perform a complete, actual edit of a full-length fiction manuscript. The class has been expanded to eight weeks to allow students ample time to finish their edit.

The instructor will provide a class manuscript for you to work on. You may use a manuscript of your own (for example, a client’s project or a friend’s work) instead. Please do just get the author’s permission to share the ms with the instructor.

Class assignments will focus on reviewing the principles of developmental editing, making an editorial plan, and providing an appropriate edit. But the main thrust of the work will be your editing an actual manuscript under the instructor’s guidance. The instructor will give feedback on your assignments throughout the class and will provide a full, thorough evaluation of your edit (including your revision letter) after the class concludes.