Advanced Practice: Editing for Point-of-View and Perspective (Mar 20 – Apr 2, 2023)



$150. How to edit fiction for point-of-view and perspective. Two weeks, instructor-led.

If you already know how to spot head-hopping and can explain why that first-person narrator is slowing down the pacing of a story (and what to do about it), this is the class for you!

We’re going to take a deeper dive into how to edit for perspective problems in fiction. We’ll go past the surface-level issues to investigate the complex relationship between author-narrator-character and how to use the interplay of these elements to create a more meaningful and emotionally resonant story.

This means we’ll be doing more line editing than usual, because at the advanced level, we’re past the easy stage of obvious errors. We’re going to be examining how “James was looking at me” contains no perspective violation but “James spotted me” just might.

The self-paced class Editing for Point-of-View and Perspective is a recommended prerequisite.

This class is instructor-led and has assignments due by certain deadlines but you are not required to be in any particular place at any particular time to take the class. The shorter-length is intended to help busy editors fit the class into their schedule, but we will still have the opportunity for forum conversations and in-depth discussions.