Beginning Developmental Editing for Fiction (Sep 11 – Oct 8, 2023)



$275. How to become a developmental editor. Four weeks, instructor-led.

This highly popular class is meant for anyone interested in working with novelists to help them tell better stories. We’ll discuss the basics of developmental editing (what it is and isn’t), the specifics of developmental editing in fiction (for example, the types of problems and judgments calls you run into with fiction), and working effectively with novelists.

The class covers:

  • The qualities and characteristics of a good DE
  • Constructing diplomatic queries
  • Identifying problems such as info-dumping, starting the novel in the wrong place, head-hopping, and more
  • Recognizing structural problems, including problems with conflict and motivation
  • Tracing the narrative spine of a story to uncover story problems
  • Working effectively with novelists—how to be a DE and not an unwelcome coauthor
  • Creating a revision letter for a project that outlines your suggestions for how a writer should tackle a needed rewrite.

Each week includes a new lesson and a new assignment to be submitted for the instructor’s feedback along with online discussions about developmental issues.