Editorial Toolkit: Book Doctoring and Ghostwriting (Jul 5 – Aug 1, 2023)



$275. How to perform book doctoring and ghostwriting. This four-week, instructor-led class shows you the basics of book doctoring, coauthoring, and ghostwriting, which go beyond editing to actually writing and/or rewriting an author’s work. Though much of the available work is in nonfiction, there are opportunities for fiction editors/writers as well.

We’ll talk about:

  • how book doctoring, coauthoring, and ghostwriting are similar – and how they’re different
  • why developmental editors are in a good position to do this work
  • the importance of the client interview
  • how to understand an author’s voice and reflect it in the manuscript
  • avoiding common pitfalls, including legal concerns
  • writing effective proposals and outlines
  • understanding how media tie-ins work
  • identifying audience needs and expectations
  • getting paid fairly for your work – including kill fees and paid samples
  • finding clients
  • and more!