Essentials of Conflict



$79. How to edit novels for conflict. This four-lesson, self-paced class digs into what story conflict is, how authors create it (or don’t), and what you, the editor, can do to fix it.

It covers:

  • how character development impacts conflict and how conflict impacts story structure
  • the eternal trifecta (goal, motivation, conflict) to help you learn to identify character goals and motivations and how these lead to conflict
  • how to help the author sharpen goals and motivations in order to create stronger conflict
  • how conflict plays out in major genres such as romance and mystery.

This class is intended for editors who have some experience with the developmental editing of fiction or who have taken basic classes in developmental editing of fiction. It assumes that you know how to write an editorial query and that you understand what basic storytelling concerns like world-building/setting mean.