Getting Editorial Work from Book Publishers/Packagers (Jun 7 – Jul 4, 2023)



$275. How to get work from publisher clients. Four weeks, instructor-led.

This highly popular class is meant for editors with some experience who would like to branch out from working primarily with indie authors. The information and assignments are meant for both copy editors and developmental editors.

Face it, much as we love working with indie clients, sometimes what we’re looking for in a client is steady work, clear expectations regarding what we do, and a reliable accounts payable department.

Book publishers and packagers can make great anchor clients for freelance editors, creating a reliable base on which to rest your editing business.

But trying to get work from publishers and packagers can feel a little like searching for Yeti. Do freelancers really get work from publishers – even if they don’t know anyone at the company?

Yes! Many freelance editors of all types (developmental editors, copy editors, proofreaders) get some, most, or all of their freelance work from publishers. You could be one of them.

This class covers:

  • how to get the experience you need to be considered for these kinds of projects
  • various ways of approaching publishing companies (an irresistible letter of introduction, effective networking, and more)
  • the ins-and-outs of working successfully for publishing companies

Assignments (with instructor feedback) include writing a letter of introduction, creating a brief marketing plan, and evaluating your skills (to make sure your edits are up to the standard publishers and packagers expect).