Marketing Challenge (September 6 – September 30, 2022)



The marketing challenge returns this fall!

We’ll begin on Tuesday, September 6 (the day after the US Labor Day holiday) and go until the end of the month.

The goal of the marketing challenge is to get into the habit of daily marketing, even if you’re busy with paying work. In a change from this summer’s event, we’re going to plan and report on five marketing tasks each week (Monday through Friday) instead of all seven days. If you work on the weekends, you can attribute your tasks to one of the weekdays.

We’ll report each weekday in the forums and, in a change from the summer session, we’ll go beyond merely reporting our tasks and will post threads on struggles we’re having, questions about best marketing practices, and so on.

Students who complete the entire challenge will receive a $25 gift card, good towards any Club Ed class.

What types of marketing tasks that count for the challenge?

These need to have the possibility of creating a meaningful difference in one’s business and they should be generally active instead of reactive (writing a blog post versus answering an email inquiry). Here are my ideas:

• send one LOI (letter of introduction) to a publisher or other client = 1 marketing task
• follow up on five previously sent LOIs
• follow up with five previous clients
• create one blog post (or LI/SM post) of a few hundred words
• create one infographic (and post it somewhere)
• set up a complete social media profile
• interact with 10 social media posts
• answer a few substantive questions in a writer’s group
• create and run an ad
• create a profile on a job site/editors’ group/writers’ group
• attend a networking event, in-person or virtual
• you can customize a marketing task for your particular goals – but make this a little challenging, not just liking a Facebook post.