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$30 (each month). How-to for developmental editors.

Now enrolling for April, 2023.

In this ongoing class, we’ll use published novels to talk about story development/developmental editing. Each month we’ll read and discuss a new novel from a developmental perspective: What (if anything) is going wrong developmentally? What might we suggest the author do to fix the problem?

We’ll hone our understanding of storytelling techniques by talking about what we find appealing about each novel and why it works, and we’ll strengthen our abilities to identify developmental problems by discussing the problems we think exist in each novel.

This is a conversation-only class (using the Club Ed forums) with no assignments to turn in. The only thing you have to do is read a book and share your thoughts!

Each month, the conversation will begin on the first Monday of the month and continue through the remainder of the month. That means you can join the discussion when you have time.

We’ll be reading all kinds of novels in all kinds of genres. The reading list for the next few months is here. Questions to ask while reading can be found here. If you’ve read a novel you’d like to see discussed in the class, feel free to suggest it (

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