Naked Editing (Mar 7 – Apr 3, 2022)



Now with a brand-new manuscript!

This four-week, instructor-led class is meant for writers and editors, new and experienced, who are interested in following along as an experienced developmental editor performs a developmental edit on a complete fiction manuscript. It is entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be in any particular place at any particular time). It is a reading-intensive class and the more you participate in the online discussions, the more you’ll get from the class. There are no written assignments for this class.

Note: Recent current events force me to point out that there is no actual nudity by anyone in this class.

You’ll follow along as the instructor:

  • performs a brief manuscript assessment and first read-through, showing notes and reactions
  • identifies the main developmental issues and begins the manuscript edit
  • completes the edit and drafts the revision letter
  • revises the edit to focus on the overarching argument/theme of the edit

Each week, you’ll have a chance to do your own practice, although there are no assignments. You will be able to participate in online (asynchronous) discussions of the issues raised throughout the edit and to ask questions about why the editor has made the choices she’s made or to describe your findings and what you might have done.