Naked Editing: Swimsuit Edition



Naked Editing: Swimsuit Edition is a streamlined version of the original Naked Editing class. In this two-week, online, instructor-led course, we’ll be deconstructing a beach read – a published novel that we think may have developmental problems.

Because this is a published novel and a streamlined class, I won’t be showing ms queries but I will share my evaluation of the novel and the revision letter I would write to the author.

In Week 1, we’ll all read the book and we’ll share our overall thoughts in the forums – what we think worked, what didn’t work, what grabbed us, what disappointed us.

At the beginning of  Week 2, I’ll share the revision letter I would write to the author, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions about what I included or didn’t include or why I thought a problem was a problem or didn’t think a problem was worth calling out.

The novel we’ll be reading for this session of the class is People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd. You’ll need to purchase a copy of the book before the class begins.