Starting and Building Your Developmental Editing Business (Jan 3- Jan 30, 2022)



Four weeks, instructor led.

Learn to start and grow your editing business!  Whether you’re a new editor or an experienced pro adding developmental editing to your menu of services, this class is designed to help you gain more business and earn more money for your efforts.

While the focus of the class is on building a business to develop fiction, most of the information can be used to build a business that develops nonfiction (or a business that includes both fiction and nonfiction). Additionally, the information will be of use even if you focus more on copyediting or coaching than on development.

Each week, new lessons will cover various topics about starting and building your business, including exercises you can do to help target your audience and develop a growth plan. Each lesson has conversation prompts to help encourage participation on the forums, as well as an assignment (such as writing a letter of introduction) for which the instructor will give feedbacks. In our time together, we will devise strategies specific to your skills and talents to make your business blossom.

We’ll cover:

  • defining your target audience
  • focusing on one (or more) areas of specialization
  • providing excellent customer service
  • preventing common problems, such as scope creep
  • setting business goals
  • managing business-related tasks
  • setting fees
  • negotiating project scope, deadlines, and more
  • preparing project quotes
  • vetting potential clients
  • marketing to potential clients