Adventures & Excursions (Classes/Coaching)

Join the Resort Director and other Club Ed members in learning more about the craft and business of editing, especially developmental editing.

Club Ed classes and coaching are designed to help you succeed at editing in a low-risk, relaxed environment. You’ll find self-paced classes you can do on your own time and at your own speed, plus online classes that meet asynchronously (so that you don’t have to be anywhere at a particular time), as well as one-on-one coaching opportunities.

You’ll find classes for editing fiction and nonfiction, craft and business development, beginner and advanced.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you would like to pay using a method other than Paypal, please email me at

“[Jennifer’s classes] gave me the confidence to become a developmental editor.”

– Crystal Holdefer

New Mini-Classes!

Mini-Classes are short (in this case, two-week) dives into a particular topic. Great for time-pressed editors who want to quickly solve a problem or learn a new skill. Plus, they’re less expensive than longer classes. All mini-classes are online and asynchronous, so you don’t have to be at a particular time and place to take them.

Mini-Class: Adding Coaching and Consulting to Your Editing Business

Starts February 4, 2019

Expand your menu of services (and increase your income!) by adding high-revenue coaching and consulting services to your editing business. For more information, click here.

Mini-Class: Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor

Starts January 21, 2019!

Learn self-assessment tools and skills to ensure you’re giving your clients the tools they need to thrive. For more information, click here

Self-Paced Classes

You can enroll in self-paced classes at any time and do the work at any time. Answer keys are designed to help you assess your progress.

Copyediting and Line Editing for Fiction Self-Paced Class

Enroll at any time, go at your own pace. For more information about this online, six-lesson class for aspiring fiction editors, click here.

Developmental Editing for Nonfiction Self-Paced Class

Enroll at any time, go at your own pace. For more information about this online, eight-lesson class for aspiring developmental editors, click here.

Coaching and Coaching Packages

Everyone needs a little one-on-one help from time to time. Booking a coaching session can help you get more from your business – while still giving you enough time to dig your toes in the sand now and then.

Special for 2019! Launch Your Freelance Editing Business Package

This customized coaching package offers guidance for you to start your editing business. All the details are here

Book One Hour of Coaching

Have a snarl in an edit or a business problem you’d like expert advice on? Book a one-hour coaching session for $125. For more about coaching, click here.

Book a Three-Hour Coaching Package

If you’d like more in-depth coaching, book a three-hour package at a $75 discount from booking three hours separately.  For more about coaching, click here.

Learn more about the Resort Director’s experience here.

“I had several a-ha moments while reading Jennifer’s thorough, clear-eyed editing critique. I came away with concrete, actionable advice that I have already started using with my current project. Jennifer’s critique will make me a better – and more confident – developmental editor.” 

– Kristen Tate