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Self-Paced Classes

You can enroll in self-paced classes at any time and do the work at any time. Answer keys are designed to help you assess your progress.

Evolution of a Novel

Now a self-paced class! Six lessons, $199

This class is meant for anyone interested in the revision process, particularly book development editors who are or will be working with novelists. Writers will also gain insight into the editorial process as well as information on how to decide when editorial guidance is moving you in the wrong direction.

You’ll see what a full developmental edit looks like, including the author’s revision, plus you’ll see what happens when an edit goes wrong—that is, when it pushes the author in the wrong direction. For more information (including details about each lesson) click here.

How to Edit Query Letters, Synopses, Elevator Pitches, and More!

This self-paced class includes four lessons with exercises that you can complete at your own pace. Included answer keys help you review your work. $79

If you’re working with novelists, the time will come when one of them says, “I’m going to try to get an agent for my ms. Can you take a look at my query?”

But editing a query isn’t like editing a manuscript. A query is a very specific sales tool that needs to communicate vital information to the agent who’ll be looking at it. Most authors get it wrong — and a lot of freelance editors do, too!

The same is true of the synopsis: it must highlight the story’s central conflict as well as communicate the narrative arc and character development (not to mention the resolution). Most of the time, authors get mired down in detailing plot events without truly understanding what they need to do instead.

In fact, all of the collateral materials authors need to sell their books (either to agents/acquisitions editors or readers) are extremely hard to get right. That’s where you come in. For more information about this class, click here.

Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor

Enroll at any time; go at your own pace. This quick, two-lesson class is for freelance editors who have at least some experience working with authors and who would like to evaluate their efforts to see if they might improve their work. Just $25! For more information, click here.

Copyediting and Line Editing for Fiction Self-Paced Class

Enroll at any time, go at your own pace. For more information about this online, six-lesson class for aspiring fiction editors, click here.

Developmental Editing for Nonfiction Self-Paced Class

Enroll at any time, go at your own pace. For more information about this online, eight-lesson class for aspiring developmental editors, click here.

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Note that I teach a lot of developmental editing and related courses for the Editorial Freelancers Association. Details on those can be found here.

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“I had several a-ha moments while reading Jennifer’s thorough, clear-eyed editing critique. I came away with concrete, actionable advice that I have already started using with my current project. Jennifer’s critique will make me a better – and more confident – developmental editor.” 

– Kristen Tate