Courses: Self-Paced

Self-paced classes can be accessed for eighteen months after purchase and allow you to go at your own pace. Read the materials and do the lessons when you have time. There is no instructor feedback, but exercises and answer keys help you understand how to put the principles into practice. See the Self-Paced Curriculum Plan below.

how to become a developmental editor

Class Package: DE 1 through 6

$325. How to become a developmental editor. This class bundles together all six self-paced Essentials of Developmental Editing classes for a lower price than purchasing each class individually: DE 1: Foundations of Storytelling DE 2: Principles of Developmental Editing DE 3: Writing Effective Editorial Queries DE 4: Writing the Revision Letter DE 5: Manuscript Evaluation…
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DE 2: Principles of Developmental Editing

$79. How to edit novels. This self-paced, four-lesson class covers the ABCs of the practice of developmental editing of fiction: understanding the developmental editor’s role how developmental editing differs from other types of editing and feedback questions to ask when developmental editing the mechanics of developmental editing basics of writing editorial queries working with authors…
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how to write effective editorial queries

DE 3: Writing Effective Editorial Queries

$49. How to write editorial queries. In developmental editing, much of the guidance we provide to authors takes place in the editorial queries. This self-paced class provides information about best practices for developmental editors, particularly for fiction. The class includes a thorough description of effective querying practices, a sample manuscript edit with ineffective queries for…
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how to become a developmental editor

DE Detective

$79. How to use sentence-level clues to track down developmental problems. This four-lesson, self-paced class is meant for working with fiction authors. When a manuscript has obvious problems, they’re, well, obvious. The overemphasis on backstory has slowed the pacing to a crawl, the POV hops from head to head, it takes three chapters for the…
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how to edit romance novels

Editing the Romance

$79. How to edit romance novels. In this self-paced, four-lesson class, you’ll learn the basics of the developmental editing of romance. The class is meant for editors who have either some experience editing fiction or who have taken a developmental editing of fiction class. Each lesson includes an assignment for you to do to practice…
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how to edit novels for conflict

Essentials of Conflict

$79. How to edit novels for conflict. This four-lesson, self-paced class digs into what story conflict is, how authors create it (or don’t), and what you, the editor, can do to fix it. It covers: how character development impacts conflict and how conflict impacts story structure the eternal trifecta (goal, motivation, conflict) to help you…
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How the revision process works

Evolution of a Novel

How the novel revision process works. For writers, editors, book coaches, and critique partners interested in learning about the revision process. Follow along as an author shows how her vision for a novel changes from the original draft to the final published version. Identify what you, as a developmental editor, coach, or critique partner, could…
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Notes on Editing Memoir

How to edit memoir. This four-lesson, self-paced class is informational-only, meaning you will not complete assignments based on the lessons. I do recommend that you read a few published memoirs as you work through the material. Notes on Editing Memoir will help you understand the distinction between memoir and autobiography, and between journaling and memoir….
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how to start your editing business

Starting Your Editing Business

$79. How to start your editing business. This four-lesson, self-paced class helps new editors start and grow their editing business, whether copyediting, developmental editing, coaching, or some combination. Each lesson includes information on topics such as: finding your purpose identifying your potential clients conducting a personal skills inventory gaining more experience setting fees using letters…
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Self-Paced Curriculum Plan

All self-paced clases can be applied toward your Certificate in the Developmental Editing of Fiction, but you will need to take some additional instructor-led classes to fulfill all of the requirements. Click here for more information about the program and click here to apply.