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The Club Ed Guide to Starting and Running a Profitable Freelance Editing Business is available on Amazon here ($11.99 print and $5.99 ebook).

Self-Paced Classes

You can enroll in self-paced classes at any time and do the work at any time. Answer keys are designed to help you assess your progress. Log-in information is provided by auto-responder immediately after purchase.

Manuscript Evaluation

($59) This class teaches you how to add the additional service of manuscript evaluation to your menu of offerings. This class is intended for fiction editors.

This is a great option for people not ready for a full developmental edit who just need some overall guidance about where their ms is going wrong and how to fix it.

For more experienced authors, this can be a way to provide “a second set of eyes” to help them avoid dropped plot threads or open questions they don’t intend.

It’s a budget-friendly option that can help an author get a feel for working with you before engaging you for a more expensive developmental edit.

You can also use a version of this process to quickly determine the amount of developmental work a project is likely to need, which helps you quote project fees more realistically. 

The class includes a full ms for you to practice on and provides a sample evaluation (this is a new ms you will not have encountered in other classes).

Starting and Growing Your Developmental Editing Business

$79. This four-lesson self-paced class helps new editors start and grow their editing business.  While the focus of the class is on building a developmental editing business, most of the information can be used to build a copyediting business as well.

Each lesson includes information on topics such as:

  • finding your purpose
  • identifying your potential clients
  • conducting a personal skills inventory
  • gaining more experience
  • setting fees
  • using letters of introduction
  • managing clients
  • avoiding scope creep
  • creating project quotes
  • assessing manuscripts
  • understanding marketing basics

At the conclusion of the class, you will have written a letter of introduction to be used with prospective clients, a project quote template you can use to make bids, and a basic marketing plan you can use to guide your next steps.


Developmental Editing of Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

$79. This self-paced class provides a brief background of basic principles of developmental editing, then dives deep into the nitty-gritty details of developmental editing mystery/thriller/suspense novels, with examples of before-and-after manuscripts to show how these problems crop up. It includes a model edit on a full suspense manuscript, including a revision letter.


Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor

Enroll at any time; go at your own pace. This quick, two-lesson class is for freelance editors who have at least some experience working with authors and who would like to evaluate their efforts to see if they might improve their work. Just $25! For more information, click here.

Copyediting and Line Editing for Fiction Self-Paced Class

Enroll at any time, go at your own pace. For more information about this online, six-lesson class for aspiring fiction editors, click here.

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Note that I teach a lot of developmental editing and related courses for the Editorial Freelancers Association. Details on those can be found here.

Learn more about the Resort Director’s experience here.

“I had several a-ha moments while reading Jennifer’s thorough, clear-eyed editing critique. I came away with concrete, actionable advice that I have already started using with my current project. Jennifer’s critique will make me a better – and more confident – developmental editor.” 

– Kristen Tate