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You can go at your own pace with classes intended for self-study. If you prefer instructor feedback, try an instructor-led class. Or, choose a combination of self-paced and instructor-led classes. And don’t forget to check out the certificate program, designed to prepare you to offer paid developmental editing services for novelists.

Naked Editing: Self-Paced Version

This self-paced class is meant for writers and editors, new and experienced, who are interested in following along as a developmental edit unfolds on a complete fiction manuscript.

Note: Recent current events force me to point out that there is no actual nudity by anyone in this class.

In this course, you’ll:

  • learn how to perform a brief manuscript assessment and first read-through.
  • complete a developmental edit and draft the revision letter.
  • compare your work with the expert editor’s work from taking notes to finalizing the edit.

This is a great way to get some practice with developmental editing while having an expert edit to consult as you work.

This class uses THE MAGE OF MOTOR AVENUE as the manuscript.

Get started today.

How it works

All classes are entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be at a specific place at a specific time).

Self-paced classes can be accessed for eighteen months after purchase and allow you to go at your own pace. Classes have answer keys or other ways of assessing your own work.

Instructor-led classes begin and end on specific days and have weekly assignments with instructor feedback. The assignments have deadlines and the classes include forum participation but you don’t have to be at a particular place at a particular time to participate in the class.

Students from all over the world have taken Club Ed classes but Club Ed is US-based and the materials and suggested resources reflect that. All classes are text-based and accessible, but if you need any accommodations, please let us know!

Everything You Need

  • Get started in editing fiction with a convenient package of six self-paced classes.
  • Save money over purchasing each class individually.
  • Learn on your schedule, at your pace.
  • Use answer keys to check your progress.
  • Live monthly chat on Club Ed Conversations for questions.
  • Classes include Foundations of Storytelling, Principles of Developmental Editing, Writing Effective Editorial Queries, Writing the Revision Letter, Manuscript Evaluation, and Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor.

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Club Ed FAQ

Club Ed offers two types of classes, self-paced and instructor-led. All are offered entirely online with no in-person component. Classes do not require Zoom or phone participation. For all classes, the lessons and manuscripts used for the assignments are written as Word documents. Some supplemental materials are PDFs.

Because developmental editors need to be able to work from written sources, all materials are provided that way. If this does not match your learning style, Club Ed classes will not be right for you.

Instructor-led courses have a feedback component. You turn in an assignment each week and the instructor reads and responds to your efforts, highlighting what you’re doing well and offering suggestions for improvement. Assignments are sent to the instructor and returned with comments via email.

Forums are associated with each instructor-led class, where students can discuss assignments and ask questions and or share thoughts about the lessons.

Club Ed understands that adults have busy lives! Students occasionally miss a deadline. As long as the class has not ended, assignments can be turned in after the official deadline, but the instructor may not be able to give feedback right away if you do miss a deadline.

Late work cannot be accepted after the official end of class. However, because the certificate program requires that you turn in all of the work in instructor-led classes to be considered as having completed that class, and the option of repeating the class is expensive (and unnecessary, in many cases), we’ve developed a way for you to make up late work.

This is done by using the Missed Homework product. You can use this to complete a class for the certificate or just because you want feedback on an assignment you missed. 

Because giving feedback takes time, Club Ed charges a small fee ($15) to help defray the cost of doing this.

To submit a late homework assignment for feedback, purchase the Missed Homework Makeup product and send along your assignment to Your feedback will be returned within two weeks. 

You will need one Missed Homework Makeup product per assignment missed. 

This will allow you to count an instructor-led class as complete for certificate purposes.

All sales are final and refunds are not offered unless a class is canceled by the instructor/Club Ed. Please be sure that your schedule allows full participation in any instructor-led class before you register for it.

If you have registered for a class by mistake, please reach out to the Resort Director as soon as possible. Registrations can sometime be changed to another class, but not if a class has already started or you have already done work in a class.

If you are not happy with the content of a class, please get in touch with the Resort Director to see what can be done:

No. Class registrations are not transferable. When you register for a class, it is understood that you will be attending the class. When you register for a class, you create a user profile (or add to an already created user profile) that cannot be assigned to someone else.

If you would like to give someone the gift of a class, we have a solution for that! Use a Club Ed gift card. You can purchase these in a variety of amounts and anyone who has the gift card code can use the code to register for a class.

For instructor-led courses, start with Beginning and Intermediate Developmental Editing of Fiction. Then, take any other class you’re interested in. A popular series is Editing for Character Development, Editing for World-Building and Setting, and Editing for Plot and Story Structure, all instructor-led.

Advanced Developmental Editing of Fiction can be taken any time after Intermediate Developmental Editing. It can be taken more than once, using different manuscripts, if you want to get practice editing full manuscripts.

For self-paced courses, start with DE 1 through 6 (Foundations of Storytelling through Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor). This is the equivalent of the instructor-led Beginning and Intermediate Developmental Editing for Fiction classes. 

From there, take any other class that appeals to you. Advanced Developmental Editing of Fiction or Developmental Editing Practicum (the self-paced version of Advanced DE) can be taken anytime after you complete DE 6: Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor. 

It means your malware program automatically generates a warning when it encounters a Word document. It is possible for a bad, bad person to install a malicious macro on a Word document, which is why these programs flag Word documents. But there is no danger to your computer (or phone, tablet, etc.) if you download materials from this website.

If you’ve taken developmental editing of fiction classes anywhere else, you can start with any of the intermediate level classes – this is anything other than Beginning and Intermediate Developmental Editing of Fiction (or the equivalent self-paced DE 1 – 6). You may not be accustomed to doing effective editorial querying if your class wasn’t taught by a publisher-trained editor, but you will be able to easily catch up.

If you would like to learn how a beginner class taught by a different instructor can be applied towards the Club Ed Certificate in the Developmental Editing of Fiction program, send an email to and we’ll figure out your next steps.

For students interested in offering developmental editing of fiction as a service for pay, the certificate program allows you to build confidence that you know what you’re doing. More information about the program can be found here.

Club Ed will provide course completion letters on request (

For instructor-led classes, you will need to have completed all of the assignments to receive the letter. For self-paced classes, you will need to provide your written assignments so that we can confirm you did them.

For all classes, state the name of the class, the date of the class (when you enrolled for self-paced classes), and any specific information that letter needs to contain, such as the cost of the class.

Please allow three or four business days for this process.

No. The materials used in Club Ed classes are almost all from previously published work and using your homework as a sample could mislead a potential client into thinking you had worked on the published book.  

For samples, ask current clients for permission to share their edited materials with potential clients (never post a client’s material on your website, even if they’ve agreed to allow you to use it). Most clients will prefer not to share so you may need to offer an incentive, such as a reduced price for the edit.

Another option is to make up a sample using your own writing (being sure to disclose this), or to use a manuscript that is in the public domain (see Project Gutenberg at and editing it as you would a contemporary manuscript. 

And don’t forget: Testimonials will go a long way towards convincing a potential client that you have the skills they’re looking for.

Club Ed accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards using Stripe as our payment processor. You can also use Google Pay, Link, and other online payment sources. If you would prefer to use Paypal, please inform the Resort Director ( and she will generate a Paypal invoice for you.

Club Ed also offers a gift card option.

All classes are held entirely online. Internet access is required to download the materials and access the forums. All materials in the Club Ed classes are written documents, typically using Word although a few may be PDFs. Such materials are typically more accessible to individuals with disabilities than video and audio recordings.

For instructor-led classes, all forums are text-based for the same reason.

If you have an accessibility need not addressed by the use of written documents, please get in touch with the Resort Director at, providing specific details of the accommodations you need in order to participate fully in the classes. We will do all that we can to ensure access.

If you experience problems downloading files or progressing to the next section, it is usually a broswer problem, not a Club Ed website problem. Try these steps before reporting an issue:

  • Clear your browser cache by pressing Shift+Ctl/Cmd+R for most browsers.
  • Log completely out of Club Ed and log back in.
  • If neither of the first 2 steps work, you may need to clear your browser history. This is unique for each browser but it usually involves going into the browser settings area. This can cause you to be logged out of any saved accounts but it is something you should do regularly because glitches can accumulate with a large saved history.
  • Try resetting your password.
  • If none of these steps work, please send an email to and provide a detailed explanation of the exact nature of the problem, the date/time you experienced the issue, the page URL where the problem occurred and any error messages you encountered. Thank you!

This is almost always because the post contains links. The forum software is supposed to allow you to add links to a post, but sometimes it holds a post with links for moderation, especially if you have added more than one link. The forum software is supposed to tell me when this happens, but usually it doesn’t. So the best thing to do is let me know that your post isn’t showing up and I can approve it in the moderation panel.

All you have to do is go to the yearly membership link, which you can find here, and purchase it. Your yearly membership will begin as soon as your current months ends. So, if your current month ends June 15, and today is June 3, if you purchase the yearly, it will begin June 16. However, you will be immediately eligible for your free self-paced class and other yearly member benefits. Your monthly subscription will automatically be canceled, so you don’t have to worry about doing that.

Go to the Student Dashboard > Go to Account > (scroll a little) under Edit Profile Information, click on My Profile > Edit (last item on the navigation bar on the left) > (scroll a little) find Pronouns, then add yours to the box > Click Update Profile.

If you have any difficulty with this, just email the Resort Director ( and she’ll add the information for you.

Club Ed®LLC is a California company, based in Los Angeles – but we have students from all over the world. All classes are offered online, and while for instructor-led classes, homework assignments are typically due on a particular day, joining in forum discussions, reading the lessons, and asking questions can be done at any time.

Club Ed® is a registered trademark.