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If you’ve never seen an edited novel manuscript, try Naked Editing, an instructor-led class where you can see the process of developmental editing unfold.

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Note that while classes can be taken from anywhere, the Resort Director and Club Ed are US-based and the materials and suggested resources reflect that.

A few words from Club Ed students:

“[Jennifer’s] advice isn’t just helpful but also pragmatic. She does a great job of showing her students the actual steps that they need to take to strengthen their editing work. She also has a great sense of humor and knows how to write, both of which make taking her courses fun.” – Rachel Lapidow, freelance copy editor and proofreader
“Jennifer is an amazing teacher and mentor. The depth of her knowledge of writing, editing, and the publishing industry shines through. She has a gift for focusing on specific areas that need improvement, and her feedback is clear, kind, supportive, and thorough. And her exceptional intelligence, sharp wit, and compassion make her a delight to interact with. She’s helped me grow tremendously as an editor, writer, and entrepreneur.”Stephanie Marshall Ward, academic editor, social sciences, and fiction editor
“Jennifer is a wonderful teacher. She’s easy to understand, to the point, and motivational. I highly recommend Jennifer to any editor looking for a mentor or teacher to fine-tune their developmental editing skills and market those skills to publishers and presses. You’ll come away with clear and specific action steps to further your career as an editor in the publishing world.” Val Mathews, acquisitions editor/developmental, line, and copy editor/writing coach

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In my teaching I focus a lot on character, plot, and setting. These are the tools with which authors build stories. But there’s another we shouldn’t overlook: theme. Readers read stories not merely to find out what happens but to understand what it means. I often talk about the importance of plot events having causality—they … Continue reading How character motivations create meaning

Eliminating or Reducing Flashbacks

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