Welcome to the Club

Club Ed is a place for people who want to help writers tell better stories. 

It’s a spot for new and experienced book development editors to learn more about the art, craft, and business of editing.  

Club Ed is designed to be a relaxed, low-key environment, so if you’re a beginner with newbie questions, you’re not going to get any judgment here.  Everyone’s too relaxed from basking in the sun to do any eye-rolling. 

Wondering what developmental editing is, what you need to know to get started, how to read like an editor? For a deeper dive into what developmental editing is like, consider taking the go-at-your-own-pace Foundations of Storytelling for Developmental Editors class. You might want to browse the blog or check out other classes and more resources

If you’re an established professional who wants to get some help solving a thorny issue, well, pull up a beach chair. Many classes and other resources here are meant for editors with some experience.

To ask questions or get in touch with the Club Ed Resort Director for any reason, just email ResortDirector@ClubEdFreelancers.com