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Editor’s Insight: Katherine Kirk

I’m Katherine Kirk, and I proofread, copyedit and line edit fiction and tabletop role-playing game content (like fanzines, game modules, and kickstarter copy). I started editing at the beginning of the pandemic, and I threw myself into learning as much as I could, as fast as I could, so I could build it into something…
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Editor’s Insight: Amy Acosta

Amy Acosta is a professional reader, writer, and editor of fiction who specializes in Adult and YA queer romance. In the pursuit of craft knowledge, they completed a Writing Popular Fiction MFA with a focus on YA Lit, and later became a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, volunteering with their Diversity Initiative. While wrangling…
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Editor’s Insight: Siobhán O’Brien Holmes

Siobhán is a freelance developmental editor who spends her life reading children’s books, watching scary films and drinking unicorn gin. She lives in Surrey, England, with her graphic designer husband and four-year-old son who wants to be a Pokémon when he grows up. Siobhan works directly with authors of middle grade and YA genre fiction, specialising in…
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Where do freelance editors get work?

Where do freelance editors get work? Who is the market for freelance editors? If you’re interested in freelance editing, these are probably the top questions on your mind. The answer is that freelance editors work (1) directly with authors (usually called indie authors if they’re self-publishing) and (2) with publishing companies and book packagers. For…
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Editor’s Insight: Erica Ellis

Hello! I am Erica Ellis, owner of Ink Deep Editing. I started freelancing nine years ago and never looked back! Most of my work is directly with authors looking to self-publish or to submit to agents and publishers, but I also do some editing for a self-publishing company and a publisher of children’s books. I…
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Editor’s Insight: Lisa Poisso

I asked several experienced editors to weigh in on three of their top tips for succeeding as a freelance editor and they were kind enough to share their time and expertise. Lisa Poisso is the first of these editors. She’s a fiction editor and story coach specializing in debut and emerging writers. She says, “I…
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