Kindness Policy

We are very zen here at Club Ed, what with the sunshine and warm ocean breezes, and we expect students, guests, and instructors to be polite and welcoming to everyone. We are a coin-operated business, that is true, but we dispense for anyone who wants to join in.

We do ask that students be at least eighteen years of age, as we sometimes discuss adult subjects. Also the Resort Director has a very juvenile sense of humor and swears a lot. She is learning not to say fuck so much but it slips out from time to time. Like just now.

Because of long experience with the Resort Director, our shell-like ears are immune to swearing, and while you should feel free to say “this is some shit” whenever the mood takes you, you are expected to refrain from denigrating anyone personally (a manuscript may be a piece of shit but a person is not). We expect you to never use slurs or other offensive terminology on the forums or in communications with other students and instructors. If you are not sure whether something is offensive, it probably is, but you are always free to ask the Resort Director for guidance:

In other words, we are asking you to behave in a way that would make your mama proud, unless you were raised by wolves, in which case it would be better to adhere to professional standards of decorum. Not that we have anything against wolves.

While the material used in these courses is not especially graphic or explicit, you may encounter material that challenges you in some way. This is to be expected in developmental editing, but it is always okay to let the instructor know that you don’t feel comfortable with any particular assignment. An alternative way to learn the material will be provided.

The Resort Director reserves the right to kick you out if you violate these rules, but so far this has never happened and with everyone’s cooperation, it never will.