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April 9, 2024

11:00-noon PST (Pacific)

Online, one hour presentation. Free for all Club Ed students and members. How to edit for creative and compelling world-building.

Conversations with Colleagues is intended as an opportunity for newer editors to share ideas, research, and talks with their colleagues (that’s us!) and to hear our feedback on their presentation. The inaugural event will feature Andrew Hodges’ world-building expertise:

How to Edit for Creative and Compelling Worldbuilding

Concerned about issues linked to the imitation of real-world cultures and traditions in worldbuilding? In this webinar, I introduce M.D. Presley’s 4 “C”s of worldbuilding and his concept of analogue cultures. Then I’ll draw on my cultural anthropology background to discuss the cultural appropriation debate, and will end with editorial suggestions on how to sculpt more creative worlds that avoid lazy, uncreative tropes.

Though the presentation is free, please register to attend.

To access the recording, click here.