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December 1, 2023 through December 15, 2023.

In this forum-based class/conversation, we’ll do a review of our individual businesses and reflect on what we’ve accomplished, what went well, and what we’ve learned.

We’ll consider how our accomplishments have aligned with our values and mission and consider ways to become more fully aligned.

We’ll consider the challenges we’ve encountered and what may be keeping us from taking steps and work out solutions to our challenges.

Class materials will include review prompts, such as questions to journal about and information to research. We’ll use the forums to talk about our answers, help each other out, brainstorm and act as sounding boards, and create a plan for 2024.

There are three main resources for this class: Lookback Questions – Concrete Datea, Lookback Questions for Journaling/Thinking, and Look Forward Questions for Journaling/Thinking. I recommend reading them in that order, then working through them in that order.