Building Your Editing Business

Finding clients as a newer editor is a challenge. Where do you start? I suggest you begin by asking yourself a few questions.

Decide Who You Are as an Editor

  1. What is your purpose? Mine is to help women find a way to tell their stories.
  2. What kinds of clients does your purpose suggest you should target? I target women who are transitioning from nonfiction to fiction or creative nonfiction.
  3. What do you want from your business? I want to work on interesting manuscripts written by professionals who can pay professional fees.
  4. What kinds of clients does your “what I want from my business” answer suggest you should target? For me, people who are already professionals and who see the value of editorial help.
  5. What is your area of specialization and why? Me: teaching women nonfiction writers to write romance because this is where my skills and experience lie and it is what people ask me to do.

Inventory What You Already Know

  1. What is your overall business goal?
  2. What are some overall marketing strategies you could use to get clients?
  3. What are some skills and experiences you have that might help potential clients solve a problem?
  4. What are five or ten things you can do in the next two months to give yourself some additional editing experience?
  5. Who are some people you could get to know who could help you build your business?
  6. What types of services are you offering/planning to offer potential clients?

Put It Together

  1. Who are your target clients and where are they likely to be found?
  2. What is one thing you can do this week to network with colleagues and/or potential clients?
  3. Identify an indirect way of finding clients (such as teaching a class) that appeals to you. What are some steps you need to take to get the ball rolling?





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