Editor’s Insight: Amy Acosta

Amy Acosta is a professional reader, writer, and editor of fiction who specializes in Adult and YA queer romance. In the pursuit of craft knowledge, they completed a Writing Popular Fiction MFA with a focus on YA Lit, and later became a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, volunteering with their Diversity Initiative. While wrangling editorial passes, production schedules, and creating digital ad and print content for Entangled Publishing as their main job, they also work on bestselling titles for Penguin Random House Audio, St. Martin’s Press, and Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. One of their main goals is to help LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC voices rise in mainstream media and bring more diversity into the publishing world. Amy lives in Puerto Rico with three very bossy rescue cats, and they ardently believe that love has no boundaries, that representation matters, and that spaceships are very cool.

Find Amy at: https://www.amarilysfictionediting.com/

Your best marketing tip

Be specific in what services you offer and what genres you cover. I can market myself as a romance editor, but if I don’t specify that my specialty is queer stories, then that is a whole client group that I’m missing out on.

Your best “learning the skill” tip

If you want to learn new skills or simply polish up your skills, check out the classes and webinars offered by editor groups such as the EFA, ACES, or Club Ed. Yes, it costs money, but think of it as an investment in yourself and your business.

And your best business practice tip

If you’re not already asking for a deposit upon contract signing, please reconsider! No matter what, no matter who…work does not begin until the nonrefundable deposit has been paid. Oh, and completed work does not leave your hands until the final payment is made.

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