Editing Novels in a Series



$90 (Members: $81) | How to edit novels written as part of a series | 3 lessons | Self-paced | Intermediate

Editing series work is complex. You need to edit for all of the usual issues as well as series-related issues, such as the protagonist being an only child in Book 1 and having four siblings in Book 2, without any explanation of how that happened.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create and update a series bible (the document that helps you and the author prevent regrettable errors), understand the different types of series, learn what to look for regarding continuity issues, ensure there is sufficient backstory for readers to understand what is happening (but not so much that readers lose interest), and avoid common technical problems.

This class does take time: for each lesson, you’ll read the lesson, read that lesson’s ms, and do a homework assignment. Then you will review the instructor’s answers and compare your own.

The novel series under consideration in this class is a medieval fantasy but you will not be expected to have any particular genre knowledge in order to do the work.

Whether you’re a copy editor or a developmental editor, you’ll find this class useful. It focuses on the series-related issues in the edit, which are of concern to both developmental editors and copy editors.

Intermediate classes are intended for those with some developmental editing experience or who have taken the Beginning + Intermediate DE for Fiction classes or the self-paced DE 1 through 6 classes.

The class is entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be in any particular place at any particular time to participate).