Naked Editing: Self-Paced Version



$60 (Members: $54) | Learn what a developmental edit looks like | 3 lessons | Self-paced | Intermediate

This class is meant for writers and editors, new and experienced, who are interested in following along as a developmental edit unfolds on a complete fiction manuscript. It is a reading-intensive class.

Note: Recent current events force me to point out that there is no actual nudity by anyone in this class.


  • learn how to perform a brief manuscript assessment and first read-through. You’ll have the opportunity to compare your notes with the editor’s notes.
  • complete a developmental edit and draft the revision letter. You’ll be able to review the editor’s full edit and drafted revision letter. The editor’s edited ms includes explanations for decisions the editor made.
  • review the editor’s final revision of both the ms edit and the revision letter.

This is a great way to get some practice with developmental editing while having an expert edit to consult as you work.

This class uses THE MAGE OF MOTOR AVENUE as the manuscript, so please don’t take this class if you attended the instructor-led version.

The class is entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be in any particular place at any particular time to participate).