Writing Romance




$79. How to write romance novels. In this self-paced, four-lesson class, you’ll learn the basics of the writing romance. Each lesson includes an assignment for you to do to practice your skills.

The class covers:

  • basic conventions of the genre (reader expectations) and why they’re important
  • differences among various subgenres (paranormal, suspense, contemporary, etc.)
  • bringing classic tropes into the twenty-first century
  • developing a strong central conflict that isn’t about outside dramas or that could be easily cleared up in a couple of sentences
  • spotting problems in goal-motivation—characters acting implausibly because that’s how the author has seen it done in other romances or because the plot demands it (versus it being the logical thing for this character to do)
  • turning types (alpha hero, soldier, friend-turned-lover) into realistic characters
  • learning to write in the deep third common to romance, including how to effectively alternate POVs
  • addressing common pitfalls in romance: MCs falling in love too soon, MCs declaring their love too soon, central conflict resolving too quickly/easily, and more
  • addressing sexy time—how to write sex scenes
  • making sure that love scenes (not necessarily sex scenes) are emotionally effective
  • and more!