Coaching for Editors and Writers



$175. Coaching for Editors and Writers. Both new and experienced editors sometimes need professional guidance in the craft of editing or in growing their editing business. Jennifer Lawler, an experienced editor, offers personal coaching to help.

Coaching typically takes place via phone conversations (Zoom if you prefer) or through email. Types of coaching Jennifer offers include:

  • Developing your skills through a review of your editing process/methodology
  • Evaluating your edits
  • Helping you solve an editing problem in a ms
  • Discussing ways to build additional skills, such as coaching authors
  • Learning how to be faster and more effective at ms assessments and evaluations
  • Determining how to effectively (and competitively) price/quote your services
  • Fine-tuning your author management skills
  • Finding and vetting potential clients
  • Devising a marketing plan
  • Providing accountability for your goals
  • and more!

I also do coaching for writers, such as query letter critiques and helping solve story problems.

Please get in touch with Jennifer at if you have any questions or aren’t sure if she offers the type of coaching you need.

Coaching is purchased by the hour at $175 an hour.