Say buh-bye to intrusive bosses

I’m on LinkedIn quite a bit because it’s a good place to talk about Club Ed. Sometimes on LI people share stories about why they want to quit their jobs. While I am well accustomed to bad boss behavior, this recent one made my jaw drop:

“I’m at a funeral and my boss is texting me.”

Yeah, read that one again.

At a funeral and their boss is texting them. Whatever it is can fucking wait until tomorrow, it seems to me.

I mean, even combat medics get a day off now and then. Police officers end their shifts and stop answering calls. Fire fighters go off duty and pop a cold one. What is so important about, what, finding a misfiled invoice that it can’t wait until tomorrow? What cities will fall?

I gotta tell you, the one thing I love most about being a freelancer is that the only people who have my phone number are my friends.

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