Advanced Developmental Editing for Nonfiction



$550 (Members: $495) | How to do a complete edit of a nonfiction book | 8 weeks | Self-paced | Advanced

In this class, you’ll perform a complete, actual edit of a full-length nonfiction book manuscript. The instructor will provide a class manuscript for you to work on or you may use a manuscript of your own (for example, a client’s project or a friend’s work) instead. Please obtain the author’s permission to share the ms with the instructor.

This class does not have any assignment except to complete the edit (including manuscript queries and edits and a complete revision letter). The instructor will provide guidance throughout the process and will answer questions as you work on your edit. When your edit is complete, the instructor will review the ms edits, queries, and revision letter, and offer feedback on your approach.

Advanced Developmental Editing for Nonfiction is intended for editors who have who have taken the Basics of Developmental Editing for Nonfiction and Principles of Developmental Editing for Nonfiction classes.

Before enrolling, please consult with the instructor at

The class is entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be in any particular place at any particular time to participate) but your final materials will be due on a deadline agreed to with the instructor.