Editing How-To and Self-Help Books (June 12 – July 9, 2023)



$275. How to edit how-to and self-help books. Four weeks, instructor led.

This class introduces you to the methods of editing book-length prescriptive nonfiction, whether you’re editing for indie authors or book publisher clients. We’ll cover a variety of book types, including skills guides, self-improvement, cookbooks, and guided journals.

We’ll talk about dealing with structural problems, ensuring the needs of the audience are met, helping authors broaden their works beyond their personal experience, basics of fact-checking, and common scope problems, such as what to do when the edit veers into book doctoring or ghostwriting.

As with all Club Ed classes, this one includes weekly assignments that receive instructor feedback and online forums for conversation, but you do not need to be in a particular place at a particular time.