How to Edit Query Letters, Synopses, and More!



$90 (Members: $81) | How to edit query letters, synopses, and more | 4 lessons | Self-paced | Intermediate

This class is meant for editors who would like to offer additional services to authors beyond manuscript editing. In this class, you’ll learn how to edit:

  • query letters and story synopses for authors planning to follow the traditional publishing path
  • elevator pitches for authors planning to attend conference pitch sessions or who just want to be able to talk about their book to potential readers
  • blurbs—those brief book descriptions that go on the back of the book or in the online book listing/catalog
  • pull quotes—quotes from the book that authors use to help promote the work on social media (why do they always pick terrible quotes?)
  • author bios, both brief bylines for use in marketing/promotion and longer “about the author” bios that go in a press kit or on a website

The course materials discuss the purpose of each of these items, what those reading/reviewing them are looking for, and how editors can help authors fine-tune the author’s work to make it as compelling as possible. Exercises with answer keys are included to help you practice the techniques described.

Intermediate classes are intended for those with some developmental editing experience or who have taken the Beginning + Intermediate DE for Fiction classes or the self-paced DE 1 through 6 classes.

The class is entirely online and asynchronous (you don’t have to be in any particular place at any particular time to participate).

Student Testimonial

Working through the course provided me with all the tools to put together an additional service to offer to clients almost immediately. The course notes are exceptionally detailed, and it feels like Jennifer is sat next to you working through the course in real time because the notes are conversational, yet very professional. Her years of experience within the publishing and editing field really shone through and every question I had was answered by the end of the course. Samples and exercises allow specific areas and skills to be highlighted in greater detail, and after successful completion, I can’t wait to move forward with more Club Ed courses!

~Sam Keir