Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy




$79. How to write science fiction and fantasy. In this self-paced four-lesson class, you’ll learn the basics of writing science fiction and fantasy novels.

The class covers:

  • conventions of the genres and subgenres (reader expectations)—and why they’re important
  • why the “what if?” matters
  • what we mean by “speculative fiction”’; differences among various subgenres (contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, space opera, time travel, urban fantasy, dystopian, and more)
  • refining a “kitchen sink” story to focus on an overall central conflict and goal
  • making sure your story isn’t overly reliant on common tropes (prophecy, chosen one, special sword)
  • working with characters, including creating a believable protagonist and avoiding uninspired, cliched characters; dealing with too many viewpoint characters
  • breaking free of predictable plots (peasant who becomes king; farm boy who saves the solar system)
  • creating a consistent story world and defining its parameters for readers
  • ensuring believability/plausibility in speculative stories
  • problems (and solutions) in writing SFF series
  • and more!