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Get the Support You Need

How do you get the support you need as a writer? Well, here’s how to know when it’s not the support you need.

Get the Support You Need: A Little Horror Story

When I was an acquisitions editor, I heard from an author who wanted to pull her book from publication because her friends had found a bunch of errors in the ARC (that’s the Advanced Reading Copy of a book, which is sent out to reviewers before the book is published).

Of course, I was concerned, as I had seen nothing but a handful of typos typical of an ARC and asked if the friends could provide further information about what they’d seen.

They couldn’t because it was just a joke—a little prank they were playing on the author, who was absolutely devastated by what they did.

This story still haunts me years later.

If you can’t be happy for your friend’s success, then just STFU.

If your friends can’t be happy for your success, and they can’t STFU, then you need new friends.

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