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  • how to edit for book publishers

    Getting Editorial Work from Book Publishers/Packagers (Jun 7 – Jul 4, 2023)


    $275. How to get work from publisher clients. Four weeks, instructor-led. This highly popular class is meant for editors with some experience who would like to branch out from working primarily with indie authors. The information and assignments are meant for both copy editors and developmental editors. Face it, much as we love working with indie…

  • Editorial Toolkit: Book Doctoring and Ghostwriting (Jul 5 – Aug 1, 2023)


    $275. How to perform book doctoring and ghostwriting. This four-week, instructor-led class shows you the basics of book doctoring, coauthoring, and ghostwriting, which go beyond editing to actually writing and/or rewriting an author’s work. Though much of the available work is in nonfiction, there are opportunities for fiction editors/writers as well. We’ll talk about: how book…

  • coaching for editors and writers

    Coaching for Editors and Writers


    $175. Coaching for Editors and Writers. Both new and experienced editors sometimes need professional guidance in the craft of editing or in growing their editing business. Jennifer Lawler, an experienced editor, offers personal coaching to help. Coaching typically takes place via phone conversations (Zoom if you prefer) or through email. Types of coaching Jennifer offers…

  • how to make up missed homework

    Missed Homework Makeup


    $15. If you’ve taken an instructor-led class from Club Ed but life got in the way and you didn’t turn in an assignment before it ended, now’s your chance to get feedback on that assignment. Once you’ve purchased the Missed Homework Makeup product, send along your assignment to and I’ll return feedback within two…

  • give the gift of learning how to edit

    Club Ed Gift Card


    $25 – $250. Give a gift of learning!