10 reasons to start your freelance business in 2024

Ever wondered if you should start a freelance business?

If you’ve ever thought of chucking your day job, I’m here to encourage you!

how to start a freelance business

10 reasons to start a freelance business in 2024

1. You’re tired of being laid off every four months.

2. You’re fed up with having to ask permission to be sick, see a doctor, or take care of a child or other dependent.

3. You want to live your life fully, with all of its rewards and challenges, which you have trouble making fit around a staff job.

4. You don’t have any interest in complying with your company’s RTO demand.

5. You’d like to make more money than you’re currently making.

6. You’d rather pick and choose the projects you work on than be stuck with whatever project your boss assigns you to.

7. You’re spending way too much energy on dealing with a toxic environment, terrible coworkers, and an ineffective boss.

8. Every day, you count the minutes until you’re done with work.

9. You’d like to be able to go away for the weekend without your boss texting you every ten minutes.

10. You really really never want to have to do another trust fall with Marge in accounting.

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