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The Business of Storytelling

The Business of Storytelling book cover.

The Business of Storytelling Book Release

Newly released book The Business of Storytelling will help editors and writers expand their resources to bring in other streams of income.

If you’ve been in love with stories for a while, you’ve probably thought about making them the center of your working life. But if you’re also a realist, you know how unlikely it is to make a living from the stories you tell. And since you like to eat (or so I assume), you may have set that dream aside.

But I want you to take that dream off the shelf. You can make a living from your knowledge of writing—it’s just probably not in exactly the way you think.

The Business of Storytelling explores how to create a profitable writing-editing career, whether you’re a new graduate just entering the world of work, a midcareer professional looking to transition to Act 2, or a retiree looking for an income stream.

Veteran book author and editor Jennifer Lawler is your guide on this journey. For more than twenty years, she’s made a living as a writer-editor – with enough time left over to pursue her creative work.

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